The Good Causes

In 2019, the proceeds from A Good Dinner were split equally between three brilliant organisations in support of their work to alleviate food and water poverty in the UK and around the world: Action Against Hunger, Magic Breakfast and The One Foundation.

Action Against Hunger International

For almost 40 years, across nearly 50 countries, Action Against Hunger has led the global fight against hunger. They save the lives of children and work with their communities before and after disaster strikes. They enable people to provide for themselves, see their children grow up strong, and build prosperous communities. They constantly search for more effective solutions, while sharing their knowledge and expertise with the world. They push for long-term change. Until the world is free from hunger. In 2017, they helped more than 20 million people and responded in 39 emergencies.

Magic Breakfast

At least half a million children in the UK arrive at school too hungry or malnourished to learn, unable to concentrate in their important morning lessons.  Magic Breakfast is addressing this problem by providing nutritious breakfasts and wrap-around support to schoolchildren in areas of disadvantage.

The charity currently works with 480 schools in England and Scotland, ensuring that over 40,300 children start their school day well-fed, settled and ready to learn. Independent research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies found that Year 2 pupils in schools providing 'magic' breakfasts boosted their reading, writing and maths by an average of two months' progress per year.

The One Foundation

The One Foundation has a simple vision: a world where everyone has access to clean, safe water, forever.

Water is essential for life, yet over 884 million people around the world still don’t have access to safe drinking water. Over 2 million people die every year from waterborne diseases and most are children under 5 years old.  Lack of access to safe water leaves families trapped in poverty, as they are forced to spend up to 4 hours a day collecting water at the expense of working or attending school.

The One Foundation works in four priority countries – Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi and Ghana - supporting local partners to provide clean water as a reliable, sustainable service to some of the poorest communities in the world.